Monday, February 27, 2012

Israel, Palestine and the Vatican Part 2

Okay,.so far we got off to a reasonable start, didn't ruffle too many feathers by only stating some historical/theological contexts, namely the dynamic inter-relationship between the Abrahamic Faiths.  Of course this is but a small bucket of water, in the ocean of a much larger political science domain.  So ,.for today, we are going to skip forward to the Jews already living in diaspora forming a commission calling for the establishment of a Jewish homeland on the geograpical area known as Palestine.  By now, the Jewish people, the Ashkenazi are basically considered Europeans whose religion happens to be Judaism.  On the other hand the Sephardic are the Jews which remained in the Middle East spread throughout Iraq, Iran and yes,.(sorry left leaning pundits,) Palestine!  Here goes....

In 1897,..Theodore Herzl founded the Zionist congress.  It's initial aim was to build a network with the specific aim of establishing and maintaining a Jewish State in the land of Palestine,..  The Arabs, still under Ottoman 'mindset' sought to secularize, if not remake their 'Islamic' face (Turkey) and thus set in 1911, what was called Al-Fayat.  This group, in a nutshell called for greator Arab autonomy within the Ottoman world.

So, comes World War 1,..and several key dates,..the 1915 Hussein-McMahon communique which promises an Arab country, BUT it should be noted,..NEVER mentions the specifics that it would be on the land of Palestine!  Remember that the world is still in a mess after the first world war, so different European countries assume control of certain lands in the Middle East.  France assumes control of Lebanon and Syria while Britian assumes control over the land of Palestine.

On November 2 of 1917,..the British Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Belfour informs Lord Rothschild that his government would oversee the establishment of a Jewish State on the land of Palestine,..(the letter)  ...So conclude part two,..we can dispel the myth that Israel was only created because of the Shoa,..that it had in fact been a work in progress.  The Balfour declaration was way before WWII....Stay tuned for part three...

Our Lady of Ville Marie,..........ora pro nobis

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