Monday, February 6, 2012

The Mass Media and 1984

No, I'm not speaking about their technological acumen, or state of the art production values...I'm speaking about how the media manipulates the masses in order to sway public opinion.  George Orwell's 1984 easily comes to mind.  Yup,..Remember George W.  Bush is baaaaad,.but Barack Hussain, despite being the head cheerleader for the pro-choice movement is gooood.  Imagine a hypnotist swinging a pendulum whilst repeating that mantra....So what do we do?  Well, whether it is reporting truths on the 'religion of peace' or exposing the population control/abortion agenda,..I, Optimusmastro will try my best to bring some news that I feel warrants some attention! 

Case in point,..the 'Occupy' crowd!  You know, the collection of misfits, hippies and socialists already exposed by Steven Crowder but not by the liberal leftist elitist crowd of so-called 'social justice' tree huggers who are incredibly pro choice, but still at the same time are against killing and eating animals,(because,.y'know that makes sense, right? (sarcasm..)  They also generally have never worked a day in their lives, with the exception of a few union reps attempting to strong arm everything,... Well,..a few days back,.they really went a little stupid,..These communists decided to throw condoms at Catholic School girls during a pro-life rally!!!  See,.here.  Now,..isn't that worth condemning?  Hey you liberal, anti-Catholic, .(especially with the health care issue,.) marxist, revisionist historians,..thank God, they didn't throw condoms at the 'religion of peace' which seems to be the only one that Barrack Hussain isn't targeting!  (scratching forehead...)  There would have been riots in the streets, and the usual media horsecrap of 'well its a minority and uhh, uhh,..duhhh,..we have to differentiate because its a tribal cultural,..blahh, blah, blaaaaaah.' 

Bottom line,..we live in a tolerant world which tolerates everything except Catholicism, and guess what?  The media, with the exception of Zenit, EWTN and RealCatholicTV  aren't gonna report anything.  Just think back to Morgan Freeman (the actor) on CNN calling people who were against Obama, rascist!  All this while the head of the Republicans at the time was Michael Steele!!!!  George Orwell would have had a field day!  

Our Lady of Akita,.............ora pro nobis.

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Left-footer said...

It's frightening that we have to argue our case with a majority who, for the most part, accept fairly uncritically what the press and television feed them.

We must 'fight the good fight' and as John Paul Jones said, so must we, "I have not begun to fight yet."

God bless!