Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today is Ash Wednesday within the Liturgical calender and is the day which calls to mind our own mortality as well as the start of Lent.  The forty days before Easter.  The parralel if you think about it is quite simple, Jesus fasting in the desert preparing Himself for his mission.  For us as Christians, we prepare to celebrate the most Holy of all Christian feasts,.(Yes, it even trumps Christmas...) the Ressurection of Our Lord!  As with anything in life in order to get to the Glory, we gotta pass through the Cross...

Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting,..should call to mind our eventual death.  The priest upon placing the ashes either on the crown of our heads or directly on our forehead, will say to us that we are dust, and to dust we will return...Death.  The reduction of a composite being into its component parts.  The instant where we will encounter Christ as just judge, and ultimately know our destiny.  While we do trust in the promises of Jesus, there are certainly times when we don't live them (St Matthew 7. 21).  Ultimately we are saved by Grace, but we can and must co-operate.  A good conscience exam, a good confession, and ultimately a kick ass start to Lent!

To conclude, this is the time of year, when we should focus upon our relationship to God. Despite all the evils in the world and all the trials and tribulations, Lent should refocus us directly upon Jesus, who will ultimately refocus us directly upon Heaven,..our true home.  May you experience a Holy Lent.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..........Have Mercy on us!

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